Medical research is complex. To the public, it can sometimes be baffling,  boring, or even scary.

But it can also be exciting, engaging, and a call to action. It all comes down to how you tell the story.

I’m Richard Berks, a freelance science writer, specialising in helping charities tell inspiring stories about life-changing research. 

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Want to discuss a project?


I have a wide range of skills and experience, gained from working in the charity sector for over eight years.

Working with you, I can help you tell your science stories in a variety of ways, including:

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.

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About Me

I’m a freelance science communicator based in the North East of England. I love turning the complex into the simple – discovering new science and finding ways to tell others about it.

I have over seven years of experience working for medical research charities. During that time, I’ve developed a range of skills in communicating research in accessible and engaging ways – and training others to do so too. I want to use these skills to help other organisations communicate medical research. Read more about how I can help you.

I have also blogged about the science of pregnancy, babies, and parenting at The Geekfather – nominated for Best Science Blog Award by the Association of British Science Writers in 2018.

Before life as a science communicator, I completed a PhD studying a type of leukaemia common in children, giving me valuable insight into the world of academic research.

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