Action For Pulmonary Fibrosis – ideas generation workshop

Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis are a leading charity for people affected by pulmonary fibrosis – a progressive scarring of the lungs which does not yet have a cure.

There are two main ways the charity supports research into the condition. One is by directing people towards relevant clinical trials. The other is through patient involvement in research: making sure people affected by pulmonary fibrosis are involved in deciding what research takes place and how it is done.

When Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis approached me, they were planning to launch two new initiatives to help towards these goals – a clinical trials register, and a research involvement network.

The team were struggling to come up with ideas for ways to promote these two initiatives to their audiences.

To help with this, I facilitated an Ideas Generation Workshop. We brought together staff from across the charity to take part, as it was important to get a diversity of ideas, but also make sure the ideas could benefit all teams – getting more ‘bang for the buck’.

I guided the group through rounds of brainstorming, iterating on ideas, and then whittling down based upon criteria they decided. We worked collaboratively in real-time on a shared document that everyone could access remotely.

After an intense session lasting about two hours, the team were delighted to have come up with a collection of ideas to encourage people affected by pulmonary fibrosis to participate in research.

Feedback from the session was great:

“Excellent workshop – really well run – Richard was an excellent host”

“A great workshop, thank you”

“Thank you so much Richard! Really appreciate all the help and support that you have provided us”

 All respondents to the survey thought the process was a success, and were confident the ideas they generated were implementable.

Wendy Adams, Director of Research for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, said of the workshop and the wider piece of work we did together:

The cross-team ideas generation workshop was a revelation, with hundreds of ideas generated, some of which we are taking forward.

Richard’s brief time with us will continue to influence our work. Thank you so much.

It was a pleasure to facilitate this workshop for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I was really impressed by not only the quality and originality of the ideas they generated, but also the way they committed to the process and supported each other throughout.