Impact report for supporter group

Charity Breast Cancer Now likes to keep their donors engaged by providing them with reports about the research their money has funded. I was asked to write the report for a fantastic group of supporters who’d been fundraising solidly for the charity for more than a decade, single-handedly paying for a wide range of research.

To show the charity’s gratitude and to celebrate a major milestone in their fundraising, Breast Cancer Now wanted to showcase what each of those projects had achieved.

One of the challenges was that the projects were small-scale but high-risk, and so inevitably, some had not been as successful as they’d hoped. Despite that, by poring over grant reports and research papers, interviewing researchers and doing a bit of detective work, I showed how the dedication of this group had made important contributions to breast cancer research.

Angela Adams, Community Engagement Officer and the main contact for the supporter group, says:

“Richard gathered together information about all the projects so that they could see the real impact of what they’d funded. They were delighted. They’re now proudly displaying the information on their website, and it’s soon to be going into a book.”

Read the full version of what Angela had to say about working with me.

It was a genuine honour to show the group how much of a difference all their hard work and dedication had made, and an absolute pleasure to work on this project.