Website copy for an environmental charity

Earthwatch is an international environmental charity which uses ‘citizen science’ activities to bring people together to look after the planet. Although I often work in the field of medical research, the fundamentals of communicating environmental science were very familiar – making complex information clear and interesting to the target audience.

Earthwatch came to me when they were updating the structure of their UK website, which had been created several years ago from smaller beginnings as a section within their international website. During the migration to the new site, they realised that many pages needed to be updated and rewritten. They also wanted new pages to talk more clearly about their work.

I was brought on board to look after 25 pages, some of which would form ‘cornerstone content’ for the website. The pages took in a mixture of audiences, with some aimed at the general public, others at corporate partners, and still more at a scientific audience interested in major EU-funded research.

I rewrote existing pages and created new ones, mixing and combining source material from the old site, juggling the priorities of each page, tailoring the information to the relevant audience(s) and putting in punchy calls-to-action – and all on a tight deadline!

I loved exploring a whole new subject area in depth on this project, and it was an honour to help Earthwatch raise awareness about the work they do to protect the environment and help people and businesses to live and work more sustainably.

Take a look at the new Earthwatch website here: