Science communications for medical charities

  • Are you struggling to find engaging ways to talk about your charity’s research?
  • Do you have a growing pile of research to talk about, but no time to do it?
  • Do people look at you blankly when you try to explain science?

I help you make research understandable for your charity’s supporters

Making your scientific research accessible and exciting to your supporters is essential.

It demonstrates where the money’s going, helps them to feel involved, and shows the difference they are making. In turn, this will help generate more donations to fund more life-changing research.

But it’s not easy to turn scientific research into content that holds people’s interest. It takes a thorough understanding of how science works, and an ability to quickly get to grips with new concepts. It also needs a creative knack for knowing how to explain science, in a way that’s not only easy to understand, but also exciting and inspiring.

Maybe you’re struggling with capacity, and need an expert to do some of this work for you.

Or maybe you and your colleagues have all the skills you need, but just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Either way, let’s work together to make your charity’s research understandable and engaging for your supporters.

My services fall into three broad categories – writing, consultancy, and training.


If you need an extra pair of hands to write content for you, I can help.

Maybe you have a backlog of projects you want to talk about.

Or perhaps it’s a particularly busy time for you – for example, you may be going through a brand relaunch, a new website, or other organisational changes.

Or maybe you’ve never really talked about your research properly before, and just want some content to get you started. 

I’ll free up precious time for you and your colleagues to focus on other things. With more than a decade of experience writing about science for medical charities, you can feel at ease that your project is in safe hands.

As I’m used to working with brand guidelines, I can write in your charity’s tone-of-voice, using language which is sensitive to your audiences.

Crucially, you’ll also benefit from my outsider’s point-of-view. I can look at your charity’s work in a new way – and when you’re writing for supporters, that kind of fresh perspective is invaluable.

In short, I’ll help you make sense of your charity’s research and tell your supporters how their donations are making a difference.

“Because of his scientific background and great expertise in written communications, [Richard] rapidly got to grips with the complex nature of many of our research projects, and brought them to life in ways that are easy for our audiences to understand.”

Muscular Dystrophy UK

There’s three writing services charities often approach me for:

But I’m happy to consider other projects, including writing webpages and reports.


You have a great team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, who can write about the research your charity funds. And yet, maybe you still struggle to get your point across, and could do with some guidance to point you and your team in the right direction.

With more than 10 years’ experience working with medical research charities, I can help you pinpoint the problems you’re up against, and help you find the solutions you need.

“Being able to access [Richard’s] expertise and upskill the team has been invaluable. We really loved his open approach, and meeting us where we are, without judgement. […] Richard’s brief time with us will continue to influence our work.”

Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Examples of my consultancy services include:

Though whatever problem you’re facing, I’m happy to discuss how I could help.


You have a great team, but maybe they need to sharpen their science communication skills.

With more than 10 years’ experience of getting to grips with complex science and making it understandable for others, I can help you upskill your team.

Find out more about the training I offer and what I can do for you. 

“We had a great time working with Richard to improve our skills in science communication, particularly in writing. Richard created a bespoke set of sessions for us that helped guide the team through best practise in science communication and raise confidence in their own skills.”