Science writing for medical charities

I translate complex science into engaging words that are easy to follow.

Making your scientific research accessible and exciting to your supporters (and your colleagues) is really powerful. It shows them where the money’s going, helps them to feel involved, and shows the advances your charity is making.

It takes a special blend of skills to make science accessible.

Turning scientific research into something that holds people’s interest (and understanding) isn’t as easy as it might sound. It takes time, patience, and a thorough understanding of the science. It also needs a creative knack for knowing how to explain something complicated so it makes sense to someone who doesn’t have a PhD.

As it happens, I do have a PhD, but I also have many years of experience in writing about research for charities. Find out why I’m the right writer for the job.

There are plenty of benefits to working with me.

I’ll free up precious time for you and your in-house team to focus on other things and, as I’m used to working with tone of voice and style guidelines, I’ll slot into your processes so you’ll hardly know I’m there.

You’ll also benefit from my ‘outsider’s’ point-of-view. I can look at your organisation in a new way – and when you’re writing for supporters, that kind of fresh perspective is invaluable.

“He’s very approachable, reliable, easy to talk to and has a ‘can do’ attitude. With Richard, I could feel the project was in safe hands.”

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I can help you with:

Everything else

It’s impossible to list everything I can help you with. If you’ve had a look through my website and my experience and think there’s something else I could do for you, get in touch for a chat! If I can help, I will (and if I can’t help, I might be able to put you in touch with someone who can).

Like any specialist, I know my strengths.

When it comes to writing words for your charity, my skills lie very much with your science and research content. I’m afraid fundraising copy isn’t my thing – but I’ll happily point you in the direction of other copywriters who are really skilled at this. Just ask!