Conference communications

Conferences are a rich source of insights, stories and other communication gems for your charity – but running a conference can be exhausting. Often charities struggle to report from their events, being overwhelmed by more pressing matters on the day (the coffee’s running out, the projector’s playing games and the last speaker over-ran so you’re rejigging the timetable).

Let me help you do justice to the exciting research that’s coming out of your conference and help your audience get the most from the day!

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Conference communications planning

I can put together a plan for your conference communications and then attend on the day to stay on top of all those valuable blog and social media posts. I’ll also keep an eye out to gather great stories from the day that you can use in the future. You can get on with everything else you have to handle, and maybe even grab a cup of coffee along the way!

Alternatively, if you’re on a limited budget I can help you put together a plan that you and your team can implement on the day. You’ll arrive at your event feeling prepared with a plan that gives you focus and clarity, reducing feelings of overwhelm. With your plan in hand, you can delegate tasks to your team so that nothing’s forgotten.

Live blogging

If I’m attending your event, I can create live blog posts throughout the day to summarise the key messages from your speakers, picking up on insights and discussion points. I’ll generate content that’s consistent with your brand, taking engagement with your conference online (and maybe even worldwide!).

Live social media coverage

When I attend a conference, I can take responsibility for your social media feeds during the event. I can put out tweets or other social media coverage so that professionals who can’t be there, as well as your supporters, feel involved. I can pick up on everything from event highlights and key learning to adding a bit of conference atmosphere and coffee break time! We’ll use a hashtag that’s unique to your event, and you might even start engaging in a different way with those who are right there in the room!

Pre and post-conference reports

Conferences aren’t just about the day of the event. I can help you with blog posts, reports and other coverage in the run-up to the day itself, and again after it’s all over. Make the most of all the hard work that goes into an event like this and it’ll help you to generate content for weeks or even months to come.

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