Impact case studies

  • Do you have key research projects that you would love to highlight?
  • Do you feel your current information doesn’t quite do justice to the big achievements of your research?
  • Would you love your research to be written up like a ‘glossy magazine’ feature article?

Your charity funds vital research projects which save and improve lives.

Some of these projects are especially important to your charity. Maybe they’re projects you’ve been funding for a long time. Maybe they’ve achieved particularly important things. Maybe they’re particularly special to your supporters.

Whatever the reason, you’ll want to draw attention to the work, and find a way to tell the story of the difference it has made. That’s where my ‘impact case studies’ come in.

Impact case studies are a step up from a lay summary of the research outcomes. As well as describing the research and what it achieved, they bring it to life with quotes from the key people involved, and clearly set out how much of a difference the work has made.

These impact case studies can be used in a variety of ways – for your annual accounts or an impact report, to send to an important donor, or for your website. It could be a brief snippet for a report, or written like a feature article you’d find in a glossy magazine.

Whatever you have in mind, let me help you show the impact of your charity’s most important work.

What my clients have said about me:

“I had a great experience working with Richard on the Medical Research Foundation’s first ever Impact Report – a landmark piece of comms for our charity.

“Richard was tasked with writing three research case studies, as well as one piece profiling support we’ve received over the years from the giving public. This involved considerable research and background reading, five interviews, and of course lots of writing and editing.

“I was delighted with the resulting case studies. Richard was able to communicate complex research on antimicrobial resistance, rare genetic disorders and ‘in vivo’ imaging, in a clear and engaging way, while staying true to our tone of voice. […]

“The published Impact Report and case studies provide vital evidence on what our researchers have achieved thanks to donations from the public. […]

“I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Richard again, and would definitely recommend him for any research/fundraising comms projects.”

Medical Research Foundation

“The University invests much time and effort into 3Rs research: replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal research. As part of our agenda to embrace the principles of openness in animal research, we’re keen to illustrate the excellent work that goes on in this important area at Manchester. […] To support the campaign, we commissioned Richard to write case studies highlighting three research projects with 3Rs elements.

“Richard is a talented and reliable writer. His work was to the highest of standards, beautifully written and structured. […] It was great working with Richard – we would definitely commission him again.”

University of Manchester

What I’ll need from you:

Background information about the research project – e.g. grant application form, final reports, relevant publications.

I will do an interview with the researcher(s) involved, or other key people with knowledge of the project, of up to an hour each.

What you’ll get from me:

A case study written to your requirements, from 600 to 1,000+ words long, including quotes and references as needed.


Starting from £600 per case study.