Research summaries and patient information have different functions, but they share a common goal; to communicate complex information clearly to people who don’t have a scientific background. That’s exactly what I do.

I’ll create copy that’s:

  • Written in a format proven to make science understandable
  • Written to the word count and tone of voice you specify (including your preferred terminology)
  • Accurate and understandable (and signed-off with your researchers if you’d like)
  • Engaging and exciting!

… And give you and your team back the time to focus on other things.

Lay summaries for research projects

Easily-understood information about your research projects is a really valuable resource for your charity. Of course, most projects are interesting in their own right, but there’s plenty you can do to make them understandable and exciting for your supporters – after all, they’re the ones who make your research happen.

Lay summaries of your research can form a powerful basis for fundraising appeals and donor pitches, too. They can also help your non-research colleagues connect with what’s going on in their own organisation.

However, these summaries take time to write, and it can be hard to find the right person who understands both the science and the best way of translating that into something accessible and engaging.

If you feel like your research project lay summaries aren’t quite up to scratch (or if you wish you had some!), I can create summaries that get people excited about your charity’s research.

Take a look at some of the lay summaries I’ve written for charities.

“Richard was very proactive, and great at keeping us updated with the project. He was quick to ask questions, but also very comfortable working without close supervision or direction. This was a huge asset within our time-poor team.”


Research and patient information webpages

At first glance, research information pages and patient information pages are quite different. Your supporters want to understand and really engage with your charity’s research. Patients need easy-to-follow, reliable information to help them make decisions about managing their condition.

What these pages have in common is that it can be tricky to write them in a way that genuinely works for their audiences. And with these kind of topics, the last thing you want is for people to leave your webpages feeling confused, disheartened or disinterested.

If you’re struggling with your patient information or research webpages (or don’t have time to work on them), I can write them for you or edit what you already have.