Research Comms Health Check

Let’s get the copy on your research webpages in tip-top condition

  • Do you struggle to get across how your charity’s research is making a difference?
  • Do you feel like your supporters and colleagues don’t really understand what your research is all about?
  • Would you like to shout louder about the amazing work your charity is doing?
  • Do you know there’s lots of work you need to do, but not sure where to start?

My ‘Research Comms Health Check’ can help.

It’s designed to help your charity make sure your website does justice to the research you fund – and the impact you make.

If you work for a medical research charity, and you’re responsible for making your charity’s research understandable for the public, this is for you.

The Health Check will give you a clearer idea of the strengths and weaknesses in your charity’s research content. You’ll know the first things you need to change to make your charity’s research sing. And you’ll be more confident about explaining your charity’s work with your supporters.

What you get

From the Research Comms Health Check, you’ll get:

An easy-to-understand PDF report which sets out what you’re doing well and what could be improved

A few recommendations for key things to address first

A FREE 30-minute follow-up call to discuss the report and recommendations

The benefit for you is:

  • An independent opinion of your website’s research content
  • A focus specifically on research copy – not general or fundraising copy
  • A quick check-up – not a hefty (and costly) content audit or communications strategy
  • Tailored advice – not generic tips – from someone who specialises in writing about science for charities
  • A chance to pick the brains of someone with more than eight years of science communications in the charity sector and a medical research PhD

How much?

The time I set aside to put together the report is worth well over £100 – but you can get the Research Coms Health Check for just £49 – plus you get a FREE 30-minute call to discuss the ideas in the report.

And if we do end up do more work together, the price of the Health Check will be deducted from the fee.

Who are you?

I’m Richard Berks, and I’m a science communicator with more than eight years working in the charity sector. I love writing about research, and I love charities. I’m in awe of the amazing things that ordinary people do to support charities that fund medical research. It’s that passion that makes me want to ensure that every medical research charity knows how to talk about their work with their supporters – after all, it’s the supporters who make all of this science possible.

What others say about working with me:

“Richard was brilliant to work with and he’ll always be an honorary member of our comms team!”

Comms Officer, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

“I’ve worked with Richard on a number of projects and he’s always a true professional. He takes the time to work out exactly what’s needed. You know the work is going to be of a high standard when Richard is involved.”

Community Engagement Officer, Breast Cancer Now

“Richard has extensive experience in research communications. He’s very approachable, reliable, easy to talk to and has a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Research Communications Manager, Breast Cancer Now

Any questions?

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

What will you be looking at?

During the Research Comms Health Check, I’ll focussing on the following webpages:

  • top level research pages
  • Project pages
  • Research achievements pages
  • News and blogs related to research

I’ll get a general impression of how you talk about your research. I’ll check how understandable it is, how clear and engaging it is, and whether it’s easy to find the things that supporters want to know.

What will you need from me?

Not much. Clearly, I’ll need to know what charity you work for. You can help me by pointing me towards the pages I mention above. I’ll take these details from you after you pay.

Then, once I send back the report, we’ll arrange a time to for a 30-minute phone or video-call.

How much depth will you be going into?

Let’s be clear – this is not a full content audit of your website. And you won’t be getting a comprehensive communications strategy. But sometimes you don’t need that right away.

I’ll set aside a couple of hours looking over your website to get a general impression of the different ways you talk about your research – what you do and how it could be improved.

Two hours might not seem like much. But I’d guess it’s more time than most of your supporters will ever spend looking at your research pages.

How long is the report?

The length of the report you’ll get depends on how much there is to say, but I expect it’ll be between two and four pages. It’s designed to be clear and concise, not War and Peace.

How long will it take to get something back from you?

I understand that if you’re paying for me to do a Health Check then you want to see it as soon as possible. I’ll aim to get something back to you within two weeks of purchasing. If it’s going to take longer, then I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

If you need something back by a specific deadline, let me know and I’ll do everything I can to accommodate.

Wait a minute… are you just going to invent lots of problems to try and get me to pay you to fix them?

No. The Health Check isn’t a ‘fishing trip’ for problems – if I think something is great, and I can’t think of any improvements, I will say so!

On the other hand, if l find something that could be improved, and I know that I could help you sort it, I think it’s only reasonable that I offer my help.

You’ll get the Health Check report first, and only afterwards will we talk about whether I could help you. If you want to take my recommendations and work with them in-house (or with another writer) that’s completely fine. You’re under no obligation to work with me at all.

But, if we do decide to work together, then you get the price of the Health Check deducted from the fee of the future work. It’s just a small way to say thankyou for listening to me ?

Still not sure if this is right for you? Just get in touch and let’s have a chat.