MQ: Transforming Mental Health

MQ: Transforming Mental Health

In 2019 I worked with MQ: Transforming Mental Health on their Mental Health Science Meeting. Hannah Myerson, Communications Officer at MQ: Transforming Mental Health, said:

“We’d worked with Richard on an article previously, and we were really excited by how quickly and effortlessly he picked up on our brand’s tone of voice. When we were looking support with our flagship event, it felt like a natural progression to approach him. Richard wrote the live blog for the event (the Mental Health Science Meeting), as well as three supporting blogs.

“From a professional point of view, Richard impressed all of us with his writing skills and his ability to communicate complex science in a clear and exciting way. He honoured deadlines, was flexible where necessary and went above and beyond our expectations by really taking the initiative to ensure that the digital user experience was as easy as possible.

“We were really excited to see how well the live blog performed – Richard’s work surpassed our benchmarks, both on page views and average time spent on-page.

“Personally speaking, Richard was easy-going, friendly, ready to brainstorm ideas and happy to work as part of our team during the event.

“Richard was brilliant to work with and he’ll always be an honorary member of the MQ Comms Team!”

Hannah Myerson, Communications Officer, MQ: Transforming Mental Health