MQ: Transforming Mental Health

In 2019 I worked with MQ: Transforming Mental Health on their Mental Health Science Meeting. Hannah Myerson, Communications Officer at MQ: Transforming Mental Health, said:

“We’d worked with Richard on an article previously, and we were really excited by how quickly and effortlessly he picked up on our brand’s tone of voice. When we were looking support with our flagship event, it felt like a natural progression to approach him. Richard wrote the live blog for the event (the Mental Health Science Meeting), as well as three supporting blogs.

“From a professional point of view, Richard impressed all of us with his writing skills and his ability to communicate complex science in a clear and exciting way. He honoured deadlines, was flexible where necessary and went above and beyond our expectations by really taking the initiative to ensure that the digital user experience was as easy as possible.

“We were really excited to see how well the live blog performed – Richard’s work surpassed our benchmarks, both on page views and average time spent on-page.

“Personally speaking, Richard was easy-going, friendly, ready to brainstorm ideas and happy to work as part of our team during the event.

“Richard was brilliant to work with and he’ll always be an honorary member of the MQ Comms Team!”

Hannah Myerson, Communications Officer, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

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MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Breast Cancer Now

During my time working for Breast Cancer Now (recently merged with Breast Cancer Care), I worked on a wide range of projects, including a report for a group of dedicated supporters. Angela Adams, Community Engagement Officer at Breast Cancer Now, said:

“I’ve worked with Richard on a number of projects and he’s always a true professional. He takes the time to work out exactly what’s needed and keeps you updated until the work is complete. You know the work is going to be of a high standard when Richard is involved.

“The most recent piece Richard did for me related to work that a group of dedicated supporters who had raised money to fund a range of projects over a number of years. Richard gathered together information about all the projects so that they could see the real impact of what they’d funded. They were delighted. They’re now proudly displaying the information on their website, and it’s soon to be going into a book.

“Richard is incredibly helpful and will always take the time to listen to what exactly you need from your project.”

Angela Adams, Community Engagement Officer, Breast Cancer Now

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Breast Cancer Now logo

Breast Cancer Now

Children with Cancer uk

I worked with CwCUK to update their website information pages on symptoms and treatments for children with cancer. Shingi Parirenyatwa, Digital Marketing Manager at Children with Cancer UK, said:

“Richard got in touch with us offering to help with specialist scientific copy to improve our Google visibility about our cancer type information and the research programmes we help fund. His content has always been relevant and delivered on time, and I can see that he has knowledge and expertise within the field.

“We’ve benefited from the content Richard provided, as our keywords for the treatment and symptoms pages have been organically ranking highly in the SERPs since we updated the copy.”

Shingi Parirenyatwa, Digital Marketing Manager at Children with Cancer UK

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Children with Cancer UK logo

Children with Cancer UK

Breast Cancer Now

“Richard has extensive experience in research communications, a deep knowledge in the field of breast cancer research, independence and the ability to lead projects with minimal direction.

“The shopping list is great – people are using it in their comms and I think they are using it more than the old version.

“I can drop Richard a quick email with a task with minimal instructions and know he’ll figure out how to approach it and produce something of good quality.

“He’s very approachable, reliable, easy to talk to and has a ‘can do’ attitude. With Richard, I could feel the project was in safe hands, and he responds very positively to feedback.”

Kotryna Temcinaite, Research Communications Manager, Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now logo

Breast Cancer Now


I worked with Tommy’s to update information about their research, which aims to make pregnancy and birth safer for all. Lizzie D’Angelo, Tommy’s Research & Policy Director, said:

“Richard got in touch with us at exactly the right time – we were developing our research communications strategy, with a new focus on storytelling and impact. We spoke via email and worked out that Richard would be able to provide valuable support in translating our complex research centre scientific reports into public-facing communications.

“Richard was very proactive, and great at keeping us updated with the project. He was quick to ask questions, but also very comfortable working without close supervision or direction. This was a huge asset within our time-poor team.

“Richard’s work gave us the motivation to audit our research content and is leading into a new approach to how we communicate the impact of Tommy’s ground-breaking research.

“A big thank you for all the work you’ve done!”

Lizzie D’Angelo, Research & Policy Director, Tommy’s

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