Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan

I worked with the stem cell transplantation charity Anthony Nolan to write blogs to support their ‘B2B’ marketing of research partnerships with academia and industry.

Sarah Rushworth, Senior B2B Marketing Manager at Anthony Nolan, said:

I had the pleasure of working with Richard on a series of projects following a recommendation from a colleague who had worked with him before. At the time, our organisation faced a skills gap when it came to finding a science writer capable of effectively communicating complex topics to both mass and commercial audiences.

Richard and I collaborated on a range of blog posts, aimed at illustrating various research projects and commercial partnerships. The experience was great as Richard is a talented writer and a knowledgeable scientist. His ability to bridge the gap between scientific concepts and layman understanding is perfect for the charity sector.

His approach is collaborative and he took the time to understand our organisation’s goals and the nuances of each project, split out by audience. He communicated with me throughout the process, ensuring that he was always on the right track and open to feedback.

I would recommend Richard to any organisation seeking a science writer. His combination of scientific expertise and communication skills make him an asset to any project.

Sarah Rushworth, Senior B2B Marketing Manager, Anthony Nolan