Yorkshire Cancer Research – blog writing

As Yorkshire’s independent cancer charity, Yorkshire Cancer Research funds studies aimed specifically at reducing inequalities, and helping more people in the region survive cancer.

When we first started working together, the charity’s ambition was to reach more people and become the trusted cancer charity in the region. However, the team were struggling with capacity, as they wanted to do a great deal more with their comms than they had resources.

I wrote regular blogs for Yorkshire Cancer Research, with a focus on explaining complex topics, including health policy, and highlighting some of the research the charity was funding.

The process for each blog post involved a discussion with the team about the topic, during which I helped us agree on the key messages, and uncovered the right angle for the blog post.

Nikki Brady, PR Manager, said:

“During our time working together, Richard has been consistently delivering high-quality blog posts. He brings an external point of view and experience within the sector, as well as a science background, which has been really valuable for our external communications. He’s also helped us discuss ideas around content, and has really gotten a feel for what messages we want to be putting out to our audiences.”

It was a great working with the team at Yorkshire Cancer Research – making health policy issues tangible and understandable for the public, and positioning the charity as experts in the cancer field.

Some examples blog posts I wrote for Yorkshire Cancer Research: