Epilepsy Research Institute – blog writing

The Epilepsy Research Institute (formerly Epilepsy Research UK) are the leading charity driving research into epilepsy. The charity has been leading the conversation around how research can help every with epilepsy live a life free from seizures.

When the charity first approached me in 2020, they had been publishing blog posts and hosting webinars on a monthly theme, but had struggled to bring everything together into one coherent narrative. In the process, the team were finding themselves getting bogged down in the scientific details of the research.  

Since then, I’ve been writing monthly blog posts for the Epilepsy Research Institute. Initially, I wrote ‘introductory’ blog posts for each monthly theme, to bring the other blog posts and webinars together, while putting the voice of people affected by epilepsy front-and-centre.

More recently, since the Epilepsy Research Institute was established in 2023, I’ve been writing feature articles summarising whole areas of research, and its importance for achieving the Institute’s goals.

Maxine Smeaton, the charity’s former CEO, said:

“Richard has been able to create an introduction to each month’s theme, bringing the stories of our work to life, with a really fresh and accessible tone of voice. He’s able to explain the science in a way that is accessible, without being dumbed down.

“He connects the research with the voices of people affected by epilepsy, bringing these elements together beautifully, and making it enjoyable to read. We’re absolutely thrilled with how it’s been going.”

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Epilepsy Research Institute. It’s been inspiring to see the charity transform and its ambition grow, working tirelessly for the epilepsy community and making real progress towards ending seizures for everyone.

Examples of blog posts I’ve written for the Epilepsy Research Institute: